What Is Telxi?

Telxi is a cloud-based SIP Trunking and Voice platform that gives organizations with CPaaS, contact centers, and PBX systems everything they need to operate voice applications.

Part of Intergo Telecom LTD group, a team of forward-thinking technology and telecoms innovators, Telxi brings tailored solutions and high quality to the world of SIP Trunking and Voice services.  

Meet the experts behind Telxi

A Dynamic Team of Telecom and Software Development Professionals

At the core of Telxi’s success is our diverse and talented team of professionals, comprising of seasoned telecom experts and innovative software development specialists. With their combined experience and unparalleled expertise, our team members work relentlessly to transform the way organizations communicate and connect.

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A wealth of experience in Telecoms

Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge in the telecom industry, continually staying ahead of the curve by understanding and implementing the latest trends and technologies. Paired with our software development experts, who possess proficiency in multiple programming languages and platforms, they ensure that Telxi’s solutions are cutting-edge, scalable, and secure.

Together, these passionate individuals collaborate to create a unique customer experience, delivering exceptional voice services and SIP Trunking solutions that exceed expectations. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, we empower our team to provide you with the most reliable and adaptable communication solutions in the industry.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the future of telecommunications and voice services. At Telxi, we are dedicated to connecting the world with unparalleled quality and expertise.