Channel Partner & Reseller Program

Telxi Channel Partner & Distributor program offers two models – Channel Partner and Reseller programs. You can either have full control over billing, pricing, and customer management or act as our agent and resell Telxi’s services for a commission.

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Used by 100K+ users around the world.

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Why partner with us?​

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Total Control

If you want to be in total control of provisioning, support, billing and more, this flexible partnership model is for you.

With access to a wide range of smart tools, it will be easier for you to do business efficiently while our portal helps you deliver great services to your customers.

Customer Ownership

Forget about the hassle of setting up a billing system and providing support all on your own: use our White Label service that allows us to do the billing on your behalf while you handle customer orders. 

You get to change your clients settings from our platform and use our support tools to help you deliver great service to your customers.

Customer Ownership
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Ready to become our Partner?

Go for the solution that meet your business needs: Total Control or Customer Ownership. You chose!