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Better pricing for commited usage

You can get preferential rates and better billing terms for Channels and Voice calls with committed voice calls usage.

Plan Comparison

Pay as you Go​

PRO (Committed usage) €139

Make outbound calls

Outgoing Local & International Calls  

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Starting at €0.0068

Starting at €0.0068 

+ Monthly discounts

SIP Channels

Dedicated SIP channels to increase inbound/outbound call concurrency



Call concurrency

All our metered plans include included call concurrency. If you choose our Flat Rate plans you have to purchase dedicated channels

Secure trunking

Secure TLS enabled trunking

T.38 fax support

T.38 support or G.711 passthrough

Emergency calling

Emergency services caller location

Contact Support for activation

Contact Support for activation

Optional features

Pay as you Go​

PRO (Committed usage) €139

Call recording

Record voice calls automatically.

Contact Support

Contact Support

Call recording storage

Saves voice call on the Cloud.

Contact Support

Contact Support

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