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Pay only for what you use

No monthly fee

Pay per minute SIP Pricing US-CA - Telxi

Calls to and from Telxi numbers are free

Pay per DID

$1 per Additional USA or CA Local DID

4 SIP channels included

Contact us for Additional Channels


Includes Calls, Channels, Numbers


Per Month

Included minutes* SIP Pricing US-CA 2 - Telxi

4 Free DID included

$1 per Additional USA or CA Local DID

4 SIP channels included

$4.95 per Additional Channel

*Subject to Fair Use Policy

Prices for out of bundle services

Local DID Number or Toll Free Number


Per Month

Calls to USA & CA numbers

excluding AK & NWT


Per Minute

Inbound cost per minute

if out of bundle


Per Minute



Per Month

Fax Enabling




One time Charge

SMS Enabling


Per Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
Can I change my Plan later?


Yes, you can change your plan at any time. If you are unsure start with the PAYG and you can upgrade later.

What are the limitations of the Unlimited Plan?


The Unlimited Plan is not intended for Call Centers, Call Center like operations, Telephony service resellers and companies that use the services to provide services to third parties.


The service is designed for regular commercial use that is not excessive or beyond regular usage patterns. If you have questions please read our Fair Use Policy.


  • Simultaneous Calls are defined by the total number of calls as described by the plan or additional channels purchased.
  • The service is not working with auto-dialiers, CPS (Calls Per Second) are monitored and batch calling is ignored.
  • The service can be purchased once per company (Legal Entiry) and per SIP Trunk.


The PAYG (Pay as You Go) plan is recommended for Call Centers or Call Center Type Operations as it can support high CPS (Calls Per Second) and can allow unlimited scalability and is more suitable for such operations. If you have questions contact our team as we can also offer Wholesale Pricing for such use cases.

What are concurrent calls?


Concurrent calls are the number of calls that can happen at the same time either incoming or outgoing. If your plan has a limit of 4 that means you can make 4 outgoing calls at the same time or you can receive 2 calls and make 2 calls at the same time. If you need more concurrent calls you need to purchase additional Channels.

Can I port my number to Telxi?


Yes, you can port your numbers or your number ranges to Telxi. In most cases Telxi might be able to offer FREE porting with exceptions of countries where we have low coverage or high portability costs.

Can I call Telxi Numbers for Free?


Yes, calls to and from Telxi numbers are always free.